Cafe Menu

This is our current menu but it can change depending on the fresh seasonal produce we use. If you have any requirements our Cafe staff will be happy to try and accommodate and advise.


Breakfast (served 8am - 12pm)

Naughty Sourdough
Bacon sourdough sandwich - £4
Pork sausage sourdough sandwich - £4
Scrambled egg on sourdough - £5
(Feel free to combine. £1 per item)

Superfood Sourdough
Avocado, Chilli seeds, Lime and sea salt on sourdough - £5
Homemade hummus and avocado on sourdough - £5
Meridian peanut butter, homemade chia jam and banana on sourdough - £5

Simple Sourdough
Butter - £2.50
Jam, marmalade, meridian peanut butter - 50p each

With milk or almond milk - £4
Served with yoghurt and homemade chia jam - £5
Add banana - 50p

Naked - £3
Jam, honey, raisins - 50p each
Homemade chia jam, dates - £1

Waffles and Teacakes
Toasted Belgium waffles and butter - £4
Toasted teacake and butter - £3
Add preserves/banana and honey - 50p each/£1


Lunch (served 12pm - 4pm)

Soup of the day and crusty sourdough - £5
Soup of the day, salad and crusty sourdough - £6

Salad of the day and sourdough - £6

Brioche sandwich and salad - £6
(sandwiches change daily)

Nice as Pies
Pie and Salad - £6
Cobbles Bakery homemade sausage rolls - £4

Cheese - £5
Cheese and chorizo - £6
Cheese and honey roast ham - £6
Cheese, chorizo and roasted chicken - £7

Kids Menu
Half a toasted sandwich, cucumber or carrot sticks, served with a glass of milk or squash. - £4

Homemade Cakes and Sweet Stuff
Daily selection ranging from £1 - £4

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